Every design project benefits from a clear communication strategy, a creative visual and superior implementation. stuffbyrenée will work with you throughout this process to ensure its success.

And just maybe have a little bit of fun along the way.


How significant is ‘good’ design?

As significant as a substantial budget? Or a good idea?
More so in fact. As without ‘good’ design these things are ineffective.





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doing thing with your hands

At stuffbyrenée many things made in the studio are handmade. Including illustrated infographics, hand painted invitations, original artworks, stitched letters. These methods add a unique aspect to projects that is extremely effective. Some of the fun things we create we sell on our Etsy store … so be sure to take a peek.


stuffbyrenée encapsulates the designs, making and artworks created within the studio. There is a selection available on Etsy here including original artworks, gift cards and prints.


Keep up-to-date with the daily happenings at the stuffbyrenée studio on our blog. Follow our regular features and see profiles on the projects the studio is undertaking as they happen.

creative specialists

stuffbyrenée are creative specialists. Their fields of expertise include branding, publishing, print media and communication. Along with their superior customer service and passion for working with like-minded people is what make them leaders in the industry.


Need assistance with your communication or design project? Not quite sure where to start or what to do? stuffbyrenée can help. We can assist you identify what you need, advise on services and manage if required.