By Jess Fellows

Free Shipping

You heard it here … for the entire month of February all items on our etsy store will include free shipping (international shipping excluded).

That includes free shipping on all framed artworks too!

Bargain! So hop to it lovelies.

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By Jess Fellows

Everyday nothings – back to school week

This is back to school week for many. In our household we also have been celebrating a birthday with cake, water balloons, bbq’s, costumes, presents and more cake.

Did you remember how much fun water balloons are? I had completely forgotten. They are way more fun then I remember.

But for anyone out there who is considering having a water balloon fight as a guide allow for 4.5 hours of filling time (equates to about 250 balloons and 12 minutes of fighting time).

That is until I was enlightened to the bunch-o-balloons

This guy is pure genius! And quite rich now I imagine. What a revolutionary invention.
I think there might be quite a few more water bomb fights in our future. Enjoy!


By Jess Fellows

Grandmas book

My husband comes from a large family. A family that embraces new members and has such a high essence of fun that it would put any circus to shame. The entire family gets together for reunions … reunions that are so much fun that no-one ever wants them to end.

A few years ago at a reunion we learnt that the head of the family – Grandma – had put pen to paper and written her life story. And quite literally I mean pen to paper. There were several exercise books filled plus some travel diaries, notes on cards and photographs. It was decided that a few of us would piece together everything and present it to the family as a keepsake.

Written by the most extraordinary women most of us know about the thing she held most dear – family. It has become a keepsake of the stories, places, people, travelling, antics, history and above all family.

I will probably never work or be given the honour to create a project like this again. So I cherished every stage, every piece of the puzzle, every story, photograph and giggle. And I thank Grandma … oh so much. Enjoy!





old ways won’t open new doors

By Renee Bennett

taking stock #january.15

This month is cray cray … but here goes. making : lots boiled eggs and soldiers
ikili opsiyon donanım haber cooking : not much (still eating Chrissie ham) drinking : coffee coffee coffee (yes I am a coffee slut)
have a peek here reading : magazines and back-to-school infoՈւսանողի-անկյուն wanting : to be back in Fiji
buy Lyrica australia looking : at paper stocks
pair options brokers playing : hungry hippos sewing : doodle-sticthing (see this months significant something project)
follow url wishing : to be back in Fiji
الخيارات الثنائية البرمجيات الخوارزمية enjoying : the headspace clarity that comes after a holiday waiting : for the washing pile to reduce
var kan man köpa Viagra säkert liking : how a lot of hard work last year is paying off
pop over to these guys wondering : if I need a new pair of shoes
check this link right here now loving : random acts of kindness
buy Tastylia Oral Strip online without prescription hoping : that I can actually walk 55 km
this page marvelling : that I can walk 25km
خيارات إشارات ثنائية أفضل needing : more time
smelling : fresh picked tomatoes
wearing : toe polish that looks like a Fijian sunset
noticing : that I will need a n eyebrow wax in about 5 days
knowing : that being manic crazy busy is a big part of what I love about myself
thinking : about what needs to be moved about in the studio
bookmarking : tips and tricks about blogging
opening : books, after reading mags for so long this is nice
giggling : at my hubby, he’s such a doofus
feeling : anticipation for the next adventure taking place soon


eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.
the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

charles eames

By Renee Bennett

significant something – jan.15

In trying to decide what to do this month I can’t help but think how little time I will have available.

Yeah yeah I know we are all time poor people, but the kids are on school holidays, everything is still semi-closed or at least on holiday mode I hear you say you should have heaps of time. Sadly from the first week in January I am full-swing back into the busiest January work schedule I have had in some years.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I have been looking for an easy project to undertake. Yes ok, a cop out.

So this month’s project is….


AIM: To create a tonne of doodle-stitch swatches for use on design projects (aka use stitching as a relaxing activity in a month that will be manic to the max!).
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!

Free Shipping
Everyday nothings – back to school week
Grandmas book
taking stock #january.15
significant something – jan.15