By Jess Fellows

Significant Something – JAN.15 WRAP-UP

Ok ok, I know this is late but I promise I have been trying to get this done.

January, as expected, was a diabolically insane busy month. So this project kind of had to evolve along the way to fit in with what little time I had. There was also the little hurdle mid-month when the cat decided to puke on the stitching (yeah trust my luck hey!).

But anyway here it is. Enjoy!


By Jess Fellows

taking stock #february. 15

February has started with an absolute bang! Taking time away from things to partake in this activity feels a little indulgent, but am relishing the quiet few moments.

wie funktioniert anyoption making : plans for year filled with travel cooking : a fab new salad from What Katie Ate at the weekend
follow drinking : coffee coffee coffee (yes still) and lots more water
forex fridhemsplan stockholm reading : Me, Myself and Prague
go here wanting : to wake up and not have anything I needed to do
looking : at paper , so much paper
uk order Seroquel playing : eye-spy
go here sewing : a project the cat spewed on (well trying to rectify) wishing : summer wasn’t quite done
8dc318275c92d128cf6d705cd8e5aad9 enjoying : new challenges waiting : for hubby to make me some coffee
source site liking : how my feet are toughening up, did you know I’m walking 55km in 4 weeks (sheesh!)
wondering : if I can make 55km
loving : that hubby is on holidays for 3 weeks
hoping : it doesn’t rain while I am walking 55km
marvelling : that how every time I walk in the door the cat needs feeding
needing : more time (yes again)
smelling : some weird odour in the house (figure the kids have buried something)
wearing : a new pair of native flavoured sandals
noticing : that my little toes are quite an odd shape
knowing : that hard work does pay-off even if it doesn’t feel like it
thinking : about how to streamline a few things
bookmarking : etsy help
opening : new paper samples
giggling : at my own stupid questions
feeling : so close to something…


By Jess Fellows

Do you know how far 55km is?

I am bananas! Completely bonkas. Do you know how far 55km is? Well I do, intimately.

In a few short weeks time I will partaking in the annual Coastrek event. Our little team (four of us) will be walking 55km to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

We have done a few warm-up strolls, you know the 30km kind. We have walked up thousands of stairs and I am sure there are thousands to come. My feet will need a year of weekly pedicures to recover.  There has been testing of gear, shoes, socks, chaff-preventing undies, suncreams, bras that don’t rub ohhh the list goes on.

As much as we freaking our brains out about it, we have had a top time training. The snorting laughter kind.

We don’t have many expectations for the day. We know we will make it. The state that we will be in when we finish, I have no idea. But we will get there.

We are looking for support  and you can go here for more info on how to do that.

Between now and when we kick this little adventure, these feet will keep on walking…..


By Jess Fellows

Well hello doodle Tuesday

In case you haven’t picked up, I doodle a lot. Sketch doodle. Stitch doodle. Paint doodle. You get the idea.

Pages in journals are filled just about everyday. Some are used for design projects. Some are made into gift cards or postcards. My kids use some for their projects. But mostly these just sit in the journals.

Not anymore, starting today each Tuesday I will share with you a favourite doodle. Some may have a story, most won’t but hopefully you enjoy!

By Renee Bennett

significant something – feb.15

Yes yes yes before you leap up and down about how I have not yet completed the January significant something project let me assure you that it is happening and it’s not for lack of trying! I will have it up here in just a few more days times (there’s a whole story about a cat, puke and accidental tearing that I will fill you in on).

In the meantime here is February’s project.


AIM: To prepare a stitched version of these vintage train tickets.
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!

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Significant Something – JAN.15 WRAP-UP
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taking stock #february. 15
Do you know how far 55km is?
Well hello doodle Tuesday
significant something – feb.15