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something new

guadagnare con le opzioni binarie ГЁ possibile This week I started something new and have been pretty much walking around like this stunned fox ever since! It was something that I had thought about on and off for quite a while, was equally freaked and excited about it but in the end my usual “well why the hell not” take on the situation won over and I started it.

navigate to this website It has got me thinking about the hurdles we create for ourselves when  presented with a new opportunity or making a decision to start something. It’s weird, as the thing we are procrastinating about is usually something that we really really want so why the hell do we wait and spend more time thinking about reasons why we shouldn’t do it rather then figure out ways we can? I also realised I am quite the master of building hurdles, so I have vowed to try and stop my building activities and embrace more situations looking like this fox! Are you a hurdle builder? And what makes you look like a stunned fox!

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take time to smell a flower

guadagnare con trading It’s Friday, yes it is!
If there is nothing else that I am going to achieve this weekend it is a little time to smell a flower. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, it’s freezing cold and I have decided this weekend I am going to have some serious couch time. Hope you enjoy your weekend just as much!

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mums day yet again Well this weekend marks another occasion – Mother’s Day.

imp source If you are a mother, may your day start with breakfast in bed (or even breakfast at a cafe – no washing up!), a gift (or four), a stroll around your local gallery or favourite antique emporium, a movie, absolutely no washing/ironing/organising/groceries of any kind and end in a bubble-filled bath. If you are a child, see above and make it happen for your mum!

my company Happy mums day mothers! Enjoy!

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Busy busy

I know I am always talking about how busy I am, have been and will be. I know lots of other people are busy too. And I know I can’t compare my busy with anyone else’s.

I believe we all choose our level of busy. We choose how insane we make out lives or how relaxed, some of us can balance this and some of us can’t. Some of us don’t like the rush and some of us hate the slow pace.

The love I have for being busy is, I admit, a little odd. Each day is filled with deadlines and planning for deadlines and planning for the planning. I work very hard and am intensely busy most of the time but I equally invest time in ‘play time’ which is complete timeout. Mostly this is only a snippet of time but for me it is always about the quality not the quantity. Work hard to play even harder some say.

Many people don’t have an understanding or can’t manage their busy. It is a struggle and can be quite frustrating. I have accepted that some days my ‘busy:balance’ ratio is on the money and other days it is completely out the window, but why that works for me is because I am totally OK with that! When you have a partner, kids, a business, job, meetings, lunch boxes to pack, washing to sort, animals to feed it’s no wonder it seems overwhelming at times.

So as my dear friends say, sometimes you just have to suck it up princess and do the best that you can. Sometimes you need to know when to ask for help. Sometimes you need to know when to take a timeout. And sometimes you simply have to just play hard. But most importantly you need to figure out what works for you and you alone and do it!

By Jess Fellows

Significant Something – MAR/APR.15 WRAP-UP

Again I am a tad late, well a whole month late which rather than complain about each month I have decided to make this a bi-monthly project. It certainly is not for lack of ideas or things I want to try it is simply that I am busy, very busy.

So here is March’s significant something project, doodling. I had a tonne of fun with this and hope I can get some time to explore this a little more. The background didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned so will definitely be playing around with that next time but the doodling on a canvas – yay!

Discovered my copic multi-liners are superbly suited to this task and am still playing with the brush – like version of these but not yet happy with the results.

So hopefully…enjoy!

Oh, because I am fast running out of storage this little number is for sale in my etsy store for the hot little price of $30 plus postage. There are a few other works there too at the moment if you want to see more of the doodling storm I am whipping up here of late.

Doodle Tuesday #15
something new
Doodle Tuesday #14
take time to smell a flower
Doodle Tuesday #13
mums day yet again
Busy busy
Significant Something – MAR/APR.15 WRAP-UP
Doodle Tuesday #12