By Jess Fellows

First date

Sometimes new things in life are a lot like a first date. Not being sure of how much of your true self you want to expose. Because god forbid you expose too much hey?

Here at stuffbyrenée we have a very new thing (aka distraction) and we are dying to make it as busy as, well, everything else here at the studio. We have often provided print management services for our projects but now can provide some in-house digital print services.

We have spent a couple of months testing stocks and quantities and generally having a blast creating some unique items for special occasions. So of course we want to share.

We know getting printing done can be like a first date, lots of awkward questions and getting to know us but we promise we will make the date a painless as possible. So why don’t you let us know if you need something small or something big!

By Jess Fellows

workplace locations

Since I started my career I have worked in many places. None more so than since I started contracting. But a discussion this week with a fellow design friend had us reminiscing about the various locations that we have completed projects.

Working in your pj’s was by far the top runner! Working in the car, at cafes, libraries and on public transport all got a mention. I remember once having a crucial deadline and about 15 minutes before I needed to send it a tree fell across power lines and all power/telephone was caput. Talking to my client while I am driving around trying to find a free wifi connection trying to explain the situation was, in hindsight, hilarious (a bit less fun at the time though).

As a freelancer you are more susceptible to the little everyday interruptions then if you were sitting in an office. But I guess that is one element that makes it more appealing and a days events more colourful.

It also gives you an insane amount of flexibility. I have not fit into the 9am-5pm working day model for many many years. Instead I adapt where and how I work based on my family and clients requirements. Whilst initially there was some convincing needed to be done to ensure my clients I didn’t spend more time shopping than working, over the years it has proved well worth it.

They understand that the work gets completed and in most cases much faster then if I was sitting in an office. My brain works best at quite odd hours of the day so that is when I try and crunch out the big stuff as I am most productive and creative during these times. Which ultimately gets work done faster for clients and to the high level I set and expect.

So whether I am chasing a chicken out of my office, sending emails at school pick-up, partaking in conference calls while I do my groceries or designing publications at 5am, my juggle is my juggle. Granted it is not a traditional work model but if it were I can guarantee it would not be as fun or as creative.


By Jess Fellows

Friday Light

It’s Friday. Big yay! We all made it!

Over the last few months I have looked forward to every single Friday more than anything.
Actually I am a big believer that any light at the end of your tunnel effects your determination and focus more than anything!

Whether it be a holiday, a house deposit, a move, seeing someone, anything really … knowing that it is coming fills you with anticipation and excitement that in itself is the ultimate drive.

Now that Friday is here, I will let out a big sigh about 4pm this afternoon. I will be handing out high-fives at 4.05pm and settling into the long weekend well a truly by 4.45pm. And that it is a long weekend, well whats more exciting than that! Enjoy!

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