By Jess Fellows

time flying Time really does fly you know?

click site I can’t believe it is almost August.
I can’t believe I just booked a Christmas event.
I can’t believe I am now ‘officially’ in my mid-30’s.
I can’t believe my littlest starts school in 6 months.
I can’t believe I have kept our new trees alive for two months.
I can’t believe weekends come and go faster then a four year old eating a bowl of ice-cream.
I can’t believe my to do list can possibly get any longer and that I will ever have time to do it.
I can’t believe … And the list goes on. Well here’s to the here and now! Enjoy!

binär option handel By Jess Fellows

quiet time

official site Some days it’s noisy. Not as in like you are standing at a concert with tunes hammering your brain noisy. But rather life noisy. People asking questions. Kids complaining. Phones ringing. Traffic. Supermarket buzz. Cat meowing. You get the picture?

forex binary options system kraken Sometimes you just don’t notice. It happens so much that it is just ‘normal’. When I was a kid and our family took long road trips (well let’s face it when you are a kid and need to spend 30 minutes or more in the back seat with your annoying little sister it was a long road trip), my dad would frequently state it was ‘nature appreciation time’. The radio would be shut off. No one could speak and, depending where we were, the windows would be wound down to listen to nature as well as stare at it as it passed by.

dove giocare trading binario As a kid it was extremely boring. As a parent I can now see his genius!

buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online It takes a lot of effort to get my world to be quiet. I have inherited the ‘nature appreciation’ travel clause and am teaching my kids that the ‘silent game’ requires quite the skill to win (ok ok I am bribing them with food to play well). But each day I am trying to achieve just 5 minutes of silence.

this contact form Not much you say? Have you ever sat still with no noise and let yourself just be? It’s trick and feels a tad indulgent and I am not sure if it making any difference but I am being reminded that peace can happen even if for a fleeting moment.

trading opzioni binarie cos//\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'è Enjoy!

forex tidning By Jess Fellows

did I mention I like coffee?{path} Have I mentioned I like coffee?
Well this image popped onto my desk this week and immediately I was up and running to the machine to brew yet another cup of the delicious stuff. Not sure when or how our love affair started but after many years we are as close and in love with each other as ever.
Every single day the smell and taste comforts and soothes. The social element is not lost on me either.

cos è iq option (Did you notice if you stare at this pic for just a few moments you start to smell coffee beans. No? Just me I suppose)


By Jess Fellows


Did you say moose?

Now that I have you attention , I just wanted to remind you that stuffbyrenée is now offering digital print services. If you have a brochure, postcard or flyer that you need printed please consider us.

As we are a bunch of designers we will make sure your project looks it’s best as well print beautifully.

So email the studio to learn more –


By Jess Fellows

Le addicted

Well I have spoke (many) times about my coffee addiction but I am here today to speak of another addition.
My name is Renee and I am addicted to Le Tour De France.

There I have said, it is out in the open (well if you know me it’s not like I have tried to hide it) and now you can forgive me for talking about this at every opportunity, getting the least amount of sleep as possible and using cycling lingo to describe just about everything for three weeks in July every year.

It is not clear where this addiction began. I certainly don’t cycle. Have never been to it. Don’t know anyone who has participated in it. Yet as soon as I hear the whiz of the bikes, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen’s dulcet tones, descriptions of gradients, classifications, jerseys … I am weak at the knees!

So at about half-way there this year I am still in my element – Vive Le Tour!

By Jess Fellows

it might just snow

Did you hear? Did you hear? It might just snow here on Sunday!

I know I know – I seem a tad too excited and I think I am making everyone I live with a little crazy also. But it’s snow people! SNOW!

So there goes my planned weekend of catching up on the washing, partaking in some baking and chill-out time. I am guaranteed to be plastered the BOM app and watching out a window for any teeny hint of a white particle falling from the sky.

SNOW! Enjoy!

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