By Renee Bennett

significant something – feb.15

Yes yes yes before you leap up and down about how I have not yet completed the January significant something project let me assure you that it is happening and it’s not for lack of trying! I will have it up here in just a few more days times (there’s a whole story about a cat, puke and accidental tearing that I will fill you in on).

In the meantime here is February’s project.


AIM: To prepare a stitched version of these vintage train tickets.
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!

old ways won’t open new doors

By Renee Bennett

taking stock #january.15

This month is cray cray … but here goes.

making : lots boiled eggs and soldiers
cooking : not much (still eating Chrissie ham)
drinking : coffee coffee coffee (yes I am a coffee slut)
reading : magazines and back-to-school info
wanting : to be back in Fiji
looking : at paper stocks
playing : hungry hippos
sewing : doodle-sticthing (see this months significant something project)
wishing : to be back in Fiji
enjoying : the headspace clarity that comes after a holiday
waiting : for the washing pile to reduce
liking : how a lot of hard work last year is paying off
wondering : if I need a new pair of shoes
loving : random acts of kindness
hoping : that I can actually walk 55 km
marvelling : that I can walk 25km
needing : more time
smelling : fresh picked tomatoes
wearing : toe polish that looks like a Fijian sunset
noticing : that I will need a n eyebrow wax in about 5 days
knowing : that being manic crazy busy is a big part of what I love about myself
thinking : about what needs to be moved about in the studio
bookmarking : tips and tricks about blogging
opening : books, after reading mags for so long this is nice
giggling : at my hubby, he’s such a doofus
feeling : anticipation for the next adventure taking place soon


eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.
the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

charles eames

By Renee Bennett

significant something – jan.15

In trying to decide what to do this month I can’t help but think how little time I will have available.

Yeah yeah I know we are all time poor people, but the kids are on school holidays, everything is still semi-closed or at least on holiday mode I hear you say you should have heaps of time. Sadly from the first week in January I am full-swing back into the busiest January work schedule I have had in some years.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I have been looking for an easy project to undertake. Yes ok, a cop out.

So this month’s project is….


AIM: To create a tonne of doodle-stitch swatches for use on design projects (aka use stitching as a relaxing activity in a month that will be manic to the max!).
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!

By Renee Bennett

significant something – dec.14 wrap-up

Well this is the first significant something wrap-up (yay I did it).

As introduced here this month saw the beginning of the significant something projects. A wreath. Sounds so simple. Not so.

I had in my mind this magically perfect wreath of poms poms and felt. In reality there was no time for pom poms (you know December can be a little crazy) or perfectly cut circles of felt.

So I drew on my skills learnt at a workshop I undertook at the Burrawang DNA Festival with Alex Faulkiner. Messy stitching or doodle-stitching as I like to refer to it.

So in summary my wreath is messy woollen balls stitched together and decorated with feature stitches of nothing. And I love it! Enjoy.

Have you ever made a wreath? Did it work out perfectly for you?

By Renee Bennett

Everyday nothing – working at home with offspring

Sharing your work space with offspring is inevitable if you work from home. Our studio is set-up so that it is separate from the general living areas, however the little people sneak their way in, find a screen and work away (usually happily).

All through December the studio was filled with projects with a pre-Christmas deadline so work was happening at all hours. On one particular morning (early) I was so absorbed with solving a typographic issue that I didn’t even notice Little Miss slide into the work space beside me and start tapping away. She was sprung the moment I heard Curious George giggle and off to share soldiers and boiled eggs we went.

I had always thought having the studio set up at home was an interference. Space I utilise could be better used as a toy room, separate living area or even a parents retreat (gosh imagine the luxury). But this past manic month I have realised that the entire household doesn’t wish for any of these uses, it’s simply ‘mum’s work room’. And what really blew me away was listening to how the kids describe this space to other visitors. On giving some friends a tour of our home it was described as “this is the work room, mummy does all her work here and if she’s on the phone you have to whisper and speak with your hands, and you can’t touch that computer (pointing to mine) and we do work too here, theres so much work for us to do you know but we always get it done in time for school”.

So heading into a year that I can foresee will be quite full on in the work department, this is reassuring. In fact the studio is about to be overhauled to fit in some painting/making/printing space so I may just move in here permanently. Lucky it’s so close to everything else!

By Renee Bennett

Everyday nothings – prepping for chrissie

This past week has been filled with an excessive amount of festive frivolity.There has also been some unexpected big decision making, holiday prepping and the wrapping … so much wrapping!

And we are now officially exhausted!

Bags are packed, twisties have been consumed for lunch and the anticipation for Santa is reaching levels that soon only dogs will be able to hear what the kids say.

So on that note we wish you the merriest festive season possible and look out 2015, something tells me its going to be out of this world exciting. Enjoy!

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significant something – feb.15
taking stock #january.15
significant something – jan.15
significant something – dec.14 wrap-up
Everyday nothing – working at home with offspring
it’s christmas
Everyday nothings – prepping for chrissie
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