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By Renee Bennett

available now at etsy

As well as launching our snazzy new website we have also opened a snazzy new etsy shop!

You can click here now to see all our old favourites as well as a new range of original abstract artworks and line drawings.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the new products.

We think these are pretty special. And we can’t wait to share with you some of the products currently in develop at the studio. So please take a peek and if you have any queries head to our contact us page and drop us an enquiry.


By Renee Bennett

taking stock #december.2014

If you happened to be one of the readers of my ‘learning-blog’ that I started last year, then you would be familiar with ‘taking stock’. This is an activity that I learnt from Pip Lincolne (you know from meet me at mikes) and her amazing Blog with Pip course I completed earlier this year.

I have so much fun doing it that I definitely want it to become a regular feature of this blog. There is something about stopping and looking at things right this second, so here goes:

making : my significant something wreath project
cooking : christmas pudding, christmas biscuits, christmas cocktails … yes all things festive
drinking : anything with a refreshing tropical flavour (primarily cocktails) and of course coffee
reading : anthology magazine (fall 2014)
wanting : more time … always more time
looking : at paint swatches
playing : snap with my kids
sewing : a few Christmas presents (shhh … can’t say too much)
wishing : that the storms of the past week would retreat back to tropical queensland
enjoying : seeing my kids get their festive groove on
waiting : for our holiday (only 17 more sleeps!)
liking : how my corn has grown in the past week (ok, so there is a positive to thunderstorms)
wondering : what 2015 might bring
loving : random acts of kindness
hoping : a new something at the studio can get installed (stay tuned)
marvelling : just how many thunder-claps my kids can sleep through
needing : a cocktail
smelling : something funky in my car
wearing : blue suede shoes
following : anything to do with festive markets
noticing : I talk a lot about thunderstorms
knowing : that my attention to detail is a positive thing
thinking : let’s not get started on this, there is an idea overload in my little brain of late
bookmarking : lots of things to do with present wrapping
opening : lots of tins of tuna (lunch of choice)
giggling : at coiffed hair
feeling : excited and apprehensive and more excited

Do you ever take stock?


By Renee Bennett

Project #1 – a little festive something

Project #1 – a little festive something

Well it tis’ the season and we have been getting our festive groove on here at the studio.

Last week our beloved clients received a little care package from stuffbyrenée thanking them for their support throughout the year. It seems our gift was a bit of a hit with many reporting the scrumptious contents had been devoured immediately (big thanks to Fine Taste Bowral for a super yummy batch of fudge).

I must admit in between the illustrating, trimming and packaging there had been some sampling of goods in the studio also.

So big thanks to all our clients and supporters and watch out for an exciting 2015. Enjoy!


By Renee Bennett

something significant – dec.14

Welcome to the second first ‘significant something’.

About 18 months ago I decided to try my hand at this blogging jazz. I did some courses. I tested the waters. And I started to get my groove on. But it still didn’t feel quite right. I took a break and got my head around a few things about my business, my crafting, my art and exactly what is was that I wanted to put out there.

One little idea about a self-project challenge resulted in ‘significant something’. A month long project I decide I want to do … and well basically I do it.

The idea is to hold me accountable for completing something with my hands. As a designer I spend a huge amount of time at the computer and I miss the tactile experience of accomplishing something with my hands.

So to kick things off, I have decided on something festive.

SS#DEC.14 – Christmas wreath

AIM: To use a heap of felt and wool/strand I have lying around the studio to create a felt circle/pom pop-esque door wreath.
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!


well hello

Well hello … and welcome to stuffbyrenée.

Some of you may know of us through graphic design projects, others through our blogging and art dabblings and some through publishing. This site has been developed so all those hats I wear can be neatly exhibited for all to see in one convenient location (well here’s hoping).

By Renee Bennett

coming soon

Coming soon … stuffbyrenée ramblings, design art and much more.

Your vibe speaks volumes louder than words could ever speak.

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available now at etsy
taking stock #december.2014
Project #1 – a little festive something
something significant – dec.14
well hello
coming soon