by Jess Fellows

Reading brings such pleasure – well it did pre- having children. Since popping out the kiddies I have struggled to get my reading mojo back till now.

As a specialist print-based designer I am a traditionalist reader (aka prefer the paper variety rather then this e-book business). But recently I have discovered the convenience an e-book offers.

For me my day is broken into pretty much 10 minute stints of activities. Which if you have a book on your phone or ipad can mean while I wait at school in the pick-up circle waiting for said children I can quickly read a chapter or two.

No I am in no way proclaiming I have seen the e-book reading light and will convert forever but I am totally enjoying that it has allowed me to get back into reading. And I have certainly not given up on the paper variety (my last credit card transaction at Amazon can vouch for that).

So for a simple pleasure that I relished and I didn’t do because “I did not have the time” or felt a pang of guilt each time I looked at the pile of unread books on my bedside table this discovery has enlivened this pleasure all over again.

Now I am looking at other pleasures I enjoyed that may have fallen by the wayside and see if I can’t reboot some love into them!


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