by Jess Fellows

My husband comes from a large family. A family that embraces new members and has such a high essence of fun that it would put any circus to shame. The entire family gets together for reunions … reunions that are so much fun that no-one ever wants them to end.

A few years ago at a reunion we learnt that the head of the family – Grandma – had put pen to paper and written her life story. And quite literally I mean pen to paper. There were several exercise books filled plus some travel diaries, notes on cards and photographs. It was decided that a few of us would piece together everything and present it to the family as a keepsake.

Written by the most extraordinary women most of us know about the thing she held most dear – family. It has become a keepsake of the stories, places, people, travelling, antics, history and above all family.

I will probably never work or be given the honour to create a project like this again. So I cherished every stage, every piece of the puzzle, every story, photograph and giggle. And I thank Grandma … oh so much. Enjoy!










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