by Jess Fellows

Some days it’s noisy. Not as in like you are standing at a concert with tunes hammering your brain noisy. But rather life noisy. People asking questions. Kids complaining. Phones ringing. Traffic. Supermarket buzz. Cat meowing. You get the picture?

Sometimes you just don’t notice. It happens so much that it is just ‘normal’.

When I was a kid and our family took long road trips (well let’s face it when you are a kid and need to spend 30 minutes or more in the back seat with your annoying little sister it was a long road trip), my dad would frequently state it was ‘nature appreciation time’. The radio would be shut off. No one could speak and, depending where we were, the windows would be wound down to listen to nature as well as stare at it as it passed by.

As a kid it was extremely boring. As a parent I can now see his genius!

It takes a lot of effort to get my world to be quiet. I have inherited the ‘nature appreciation’ travel clause and am teaching my kids that the ‘silent game’ requires quite the skill to win (ok ok I am bribing them with food to play well). But each day I am trying to achieve just 5 minutes of silence.

Not much you say? Have you ever sat still with no noise and let yourself just be? It’s trick and feels a tad indulgent and I am not sure if it making any difference but I am being reminded that peace can happen even if for a fleeting moment.


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