by Jess Fellows

This week I started something new and have been pretty much walking around like this stunned fox ever since!

It was something that I had thought about on and off for quite a while, was equally freaked and excited about it but in the end my usual “well why the hell not” take on the situation won over and I started it.

It has got me thinking about the hurdles we create for ourselves when  presented with a new opportunity or making a decision to start something. It’s weird, as the thing we are procrastinating about is usually something that we really really want so why the hell do we wait and spend more time thinking about reasons why we shouldn’t do it rather then figure out ways we can?

I also realised I am quite the master of building hurdles, so I have vowed to try and stop my building activities and embrace more situations looking like this fox! Are you a hurdle builder? And what makes you look like a stunned fox!

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