by Jess Fellows

Well I have been a little quiet here on the blog over the past couple of weeks. It’s been the usual though. Busy work. Busy life.

We did sneak a teeny mid-winter defrost holiday in at Byron Bay. Oh my! What an awesome pocket of the world. And since being home it has been go go go on the catch-up front.

Having a short trip away (although it was one epic road trip that I am not keen to repeat soon) got me thinking. It is amazing  how long you can sustain teetering on the edge of being so busy that you just might combust.

I learnt that I chill out very quickly. I can totally distract my mind from being concerned about what I should be doing and focus on present moments and opportunities. And when I switch back to busy mode I don’t resent taking a break, in fact I feel better for it. Yes I know probably not rocket science to most but I do enjoy discovering these revelations.

Back in the busy busy and I am dreaming about that beach at Byron Bay and no deadlines  and sleeping in and endless coffee and and and … Of course it would be nice to live in that pace but I also know I thrive on my busy. So instead of getting to the edge I choose to enjoy the view the instead!.


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