By Jess Fellows

Turns out I am bananas! (Coastrek Wrap-Up)

We did it!

We walked 55km … yes 55km … as part of 2015 Coastrek that raises much needed money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

As anticipated there was chaffing, blisters, heat, dehydration, blisters, mental challenges, blisters oh and did I mention blisters?
I even lost my huff and puff? Who knew that could happen?

A big chunky thanks must go our the amazing pit crew that fed and hydrated us throughout the walk. Knowing they would be around the next corner or up the next hill was more motivational than you could ever imagine. They made us laugh, they listened to our whinging, gave us topics to talk about and were right there until the end (a whole 13.5 hours after we started). Thanks is just not a big enough word!

And to my team – you people are the ultimate goods! There is not many people in this world that you can do this sort of thing with and still be wetting yourself with laughter at the end of the ordeal. I am extremely proud of our little team and all that we achieved. It wasn’t just about walking the 55km, it has been a journey since October last year whereby we have walked, planned, raised money and laughed. Boy have we laughed!

And again thanks must be given to all those friends, colleagues, family and random strangers that have supported us through donating to our team. Big thanks!

If you didn’t think we were going to make it – well poo to you, we did it! – but never fear you can still support us up until Tuesday. Just go here for more info on how to do that.

P.S And to those podiatrists at each of the ‘luv stops’ – you know who you are and what you did – rest assured all that work got our feet to the end!








By Jess Fellows

Today is the day … 55km or bust!

Today is the day that proves once and for all how bananas I am!

As you are reading this I am somewhere between Coogee and Balmoral (that’s 55km you know) partaking in the 2015 Coastrek that raises much needed money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

55km I hear you say? Yes 55 bloody, long, hot, sweaty, chaffing, blister making kilometres! Who the hell does this sort of thing? Probably thousands of people but it’s not something I would ever thought I would be doing.

Big thanks must go to my team. They have endured me huffing and puffing my way over the place. Have made me giggle so hard I now have a much better appreciation of light bladder leakage issues. And have generally made this insane event something to look forward to in weird way.

I know at the end of today I will be extremely grateful that I have made it and at this point 110% certain I will never do it again but never say never hey?

We are still needing your support  and you can go here for more info on how to do that.

But an especially huge thank you to all our friends, family and colleagues that have supported us so far (it means soooo very much) and an extra special shout out to the crew at Amart, Mittagong for donating our rather psychedelic shirts for the event…big heart felt thanks.

By Jess Fellows

Do you know how far 55km is?

I am bananas! Completely bonkas. Do you know how far 55km is? Well I do, intimately.

In a few short weeks time I will partaking in the annual Coastrek event. Our little team (four of us) will be walking 55km to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

We have done a few warm-up strolls, you know the 30km kind. We have walked up thousands of stairs and I am sure there are thousands to come. My feet will need a year of weekly pedicures to recover.  There has been testing of gear, shoes, socks, chaff-preventing undies, suncreams, bras that don’t rub ohhh the list goes on.

As much as we freaking our brains out about it, we have had a top time training. The snorting laughter kind.

We don’t have many expectations for the day. We know we will make it. The state that we will be in when we finish, I have no idea. But we will get there.

We are looking for support  and you can go here for more info on how to do that.

Between now and when we kick this little adventure, these feet will keep on walking…..


Turns out I am bananas! (Coastrek Wrap-Up)
Today is the day … 55km or bust!
Do you know how far 55km is?