By Jess Fellows

desktop comfort

Sitting down each day at my desk it’s weird how much comfort I find in just being amongst my stuff.

It’s usually messy, but it’s my mess. Everything from the felt tip pens, doodle journal, coffee (so much coffee), laptop, swatch books, phone etc … is comfortable and what I need to attack each day.

I must admit I do secretly love a good peek at other peoples workspaces too! Seeing these spaces I find fascinating. It’s like a taste of how other people think, how they create, how they function.

Even those magazine articles that interview creatives at their desks or amongst their stuff are awesome and I will search them out (yes I am even guilty of secretly ripping out these articles from doctor surgery magazines).

It’s weird to think that some people sit amongst mounting crap and create the most amazing things and other sit in a completely sterile setting and equally create amazing things. I’m sure there is some psychology behind all this but for now I am happy to just stalk others peoples settings.