By Renee Bennett

Everyday nothing – working at home with offspring

Sharing your work space with offspring is inevitable if you work from home. Our studio is set-up so that it is separate from the general living areas, however the little people sneak their way in, find a screen and work away (usually happily).

All through December the studio was filled with projects with a pre-Christmas deadline so work was happening at all hours. On one particular morning (early) I was so absorbed with solving a typographic issue that I didn’t even notice Little Miss slide into the work space beside me and start tapping away. She was sprung the moment I heard Curious George giggle and off to share soldiers and boiled eggs we went.

I had always thought having the studio set up at home was an interference. Space I utilise could be better used as a toy room, separate living area or even a parents retreat (gosh imagine the luxury). But this past manic month I have realised that the entire household doesn’t wish for any of these uses, it’s simply ‘mum’s work room’. And what really blew me away was listening to how the kids describe this space to other visitors. On giving some friends a tour of our home it was described as “this is the work room, mummy does all her work here and if she’s on the phone you have to whisper and speak with your hands, and you can’t touch that computer (pointing to mine) and we do work too here, theres so much work for us to do you know but we always get it done in time for school”.

So heading into a year that I can foresee will be quite full on in the work department, this is reassuring. In fact the studio is about to be overhauled to fit in some painting/making/printing space so I may just move in here permanently. Lucky it’s so close to everything else!