By Jess Fellows

Significant Something – JAN.15 WRAP-UP

ig trading demo Ok ok, I know this is late but I promise I have been trying to get this done.

melatonin billigt January, as expected, was a diabolically insane busy month. So this project kind of had to evolve along the way to fit in with what little time I had. There was also the little hurdle mid-month when the cat decided to puke on the stitching (yeah trust my luck hey!). But anyway here it is. Enjoy!

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significant something – dec.14 wrap-up

click here Well this is the first significant something wrap-up (yay I did it). As introduced here this month saw the beginning of the significant something projects. A wreath. Sounds so simple. Not so.

source site I had in my mind this magically perfect wreath of poms poms and felt. In reality there was no time for pom poms (you know December can be a little crazy) or perfectly cut circles of felt.

source url So I drew on my skills learnt at a workshop I undertook at the Burrawang DNA Festival with Alex Faulkiner. Messy stitching or doodle-stitching as I like to refer to it.

So in summary my wreath is messy woollen balls stitched together and decorated with feature stitches of nothing. And I love it! Enjoy.

Have you ever made a wreath? Did it work out perfectly for you?

Significant Something – JAN.15 WRAP-UP
significant something – dec.14 wrap-up