by Jess Fellows

Many times throughout my life that I have been told to jump feet first into something and just do it.
You know the things … career challenges, starting a family, buying a house, crushing grapes etc.

Sometimes you can procrastinate so much about something that all that is left to do is … well jump!

I am a total procrastinator! I will look for the excuse, reason, sign, symbol and weather forecast that will give me the reason to not do something I am not 100% AOK with.

So here is a mid-week challenge – if you choose to accept it?
Think of one thing that you are or have been procrastinating about. It may be tiny or it may be huge! It may seem insignificant or totally life-changing. But whatever it is … just jump!

Jump right in, get your hands dirty, get that sinking feeling, in about 20 mins totally regret it and in about 45 minutes totally embrace it! But be proud that you just did it!

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