by Jess Fellows

Are you a goal setter? I never thought I was but recently I was asked to set some goals and I realised that I am actually quite the goal setter! Who knew?

There are many reasons why people set goals but for me it has always been combining something I want with needing a challenge. There also might be a link between feeling bored and setting goals but that’s a whole other blog post…

In trying to identify and set new goals recently, much more thought has been given to the outcomes I want. Or more specifically the way I want to feel when these are reached. Factoring this into the actual goal has made setting it much more challenging.

Though clarifying this has already had a noticeable effect on my focus and determination. So it will be interesting to see if it is sustainable or if it makes the outcome any more rewarding.

Only time will tell but getting specific has felt quite rewarding already and I am tempted to see how effective being more specific in other aspects of life and work might turn out. Let’s see shall we…

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