by Jess Fellows

Over the past week the little members of our family have asked the probing questions.

You know the ones.
“Mum why can’t you play the piano?”
“Mum why can’t you do cartwheels with a flip?”
“Mum why can’t you speak funny words (aka French)?”

Each time I say that I never learnt how to do those things and each time I am told that I should know how to do those because I am an adult. I usually fob off the conversation –  after all ‘negotiating with a four year old’ is still something I am to learn.

But it had me thinking about all the things that I have ever wanted to learn and admittedly the list is vast. There is a touch of regret that I didn’t to commit to some things longer, or started things I desperately wanted to do. But more disappointingly was the fact that I have simply accepted that some of these things will never make my to do list.

So I am revisiting the list. Who knows what might happen? I may start some thing I may not but all I hope is that I get better at telling my kids why I can’t do some things.

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