by Renee Bennett

In trying to decide what to do this month I can’t help but think how little time I will have available.

Yeah yeah I know we are all time poor people, but the kids are on school holidays, everything is still semi-closed or at least on holiday mode I hear you say you should have heaps of time. Sadly from the first week in January I am full-swing back into the busiest January work schedule I have had in some years.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I have been looking for an easy project to undertake. Yes ok, a cop out.

So this month’s project is….


AIM: To create a tonne of doodle-stitch swatches for use on design projects (aka use stitching as a relaxing activity in a month that will be manic to the max!).
TIMEFRAME: 1 month

Keep track of progress on Instagram and I will report back in a month to let you know how it went!

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