By Jess Fellows

Friday Light

It’s Friday. Big yay! We all made it!

Over the last few months I have looked forward to every single Friday more than anything.
Actually I am a big believer that any light at the end of your tunnel effects your determination and focus more than anything!

Whether it be a holiday, a house deposit, a move, seeing someone, anything really … knowing that it is coming fills you with anticipation and excitement that in itself is the ultimate drive.

Now that Friday is here, I will let out a big sigh about 4pm this afternoon. I will be handing out high-fives at 4.05pm and settling into the long weekend well a truly by 4.45pm. And that it is a long weekend, well whats more exciting than that! Enjoy!

By Renee Bennett

Everyday nothings – prepping for chrissie

This past week has been filled with an excessive amount of festive frivolity.There has also been some unexpected big decision making, holiday prepping and the wrapping … so much wrapping!

And we are now officially exhausted!

Bags are packed, twisties have been consumed for lunch and the anticipation for Santa is reaching levels that soon only dogs will be able to hear what the kids say.

So on that note we wish you the merriest festive season possible and look out 2015, something tells me its going to be out of this world exciting. Enjoy!

Friday Light
Everyday nothings – prepping for chrissie