By Jess Fellows

taking stock #february. 15

February has started with an absolute bang! Taking time away from things to partake in this activity feels a little indulgent, but am relishing the quiet few moments.

making : plans for year filled with travel
cooking : a fab new salad from What Katie Ate at the weekend
drinking : coffee coffee coffee (yes still) and lots more water
reading : Me, Myself and Prague
wanting : to wake up and not have anything I needed to do
looking : at paper , so much paper
playing : eye-spy
sewing : a project the cat spewed on (well trying to rectify)
wishing : summer wasn’t quite done
enjoying : new challenges
waiting : for hubby to make me some coffee
liking : how my feet are toughening up, did you know I’m walking 55km in 4 weeks (sheesh!)
wondering : if I can make 55km
loving : that hubby is on holidays for 3 weeks
hoping : it doesn’t rain while I am walking 55km
marvelling : that how every time I walk in the door the cat needs feeding
needing : more time (yes again)
smelling : some weird odour in the house (figure the kids have buried something)
wearing : a new pair of native flavoured sandals
noticing : that my little toes are quite an odd shape
knowing : that hard work does pay-off even if it doesn’t feel like it
thinking : about how to streamline a few things
bookmarking : etsy help
opening : new paper samples
giggling : at my own stupid questions
feeling : so close to something…


By Renee Bennett

taking stock #december.2014

If you happened to be one of the readers of my ‘learning-blog’ that I started last year, then you would be familiar with ‘taking stock’. This is an activity that I learnt from Pip Lincolne (you know from meet me at mikes) and her amazing Blog with Pip course I completed earlier this year.

I have so much fun doing it that I definitely want it to become a regular feature of this blog. There is something about stopping and looking at things right this second, so here goes:

making : my significant something wreath project
cooking : christmas pudding, christmas biscuits, christmas cocktails … yes all things festive
drinking : anything with a refreshing tropical flavour (primarily cocktails) and of course coffee
reading : anthology magazine (fall 2014)
wanting : more time … always more time
looking : at paint swatches
playing : snap with my kids
sewing : a few Christmas presents (shhh … can’t say too much)
wishing : that the storms of the past week would retreat back to tropical queensland
enjoying : seeing my kids get their festive groove on
waiting : for our holiday (only 17 more sleeps!)
liking : how my corn has grown in the past week (ok, so there is a positive to thunderstorms)
wondering : what 2015 might bring
loving : random acts of kindness
hoping : a new something at the studio can get installed (stay tuned)
marvelling : just how many thunder-claps my kids can sleep through
needing : a cocktail
smelling : something funky in my car
wearing : blue suede shoes
following : anything to do with festive markets
noticing : I talk a lot about thunderstorms
knowing : that my attention to detail is a positive thing
thinking : let’s not get started on this, there is an idea overload in my little brain of late
bookmarking : lots of things to do with present wrapping
opening : lots of tins of tuna (lunch of choice)
giggling : at coiffed hair
feeling : excited and apprehensive and more excited

Do you ever take stock?


taking stock #february. 15
taking stock #december.2014