by Jess Fellows

I am not ashamed to admit that I like to travel – a lot! Everyone here at the studio actually quite likes to tinker in the travelling side of things. But I am ashamed to admit that I don’t do nearly as much of it as I would love to.

Those big European jaunts that devour weeks of your life or the island getaway where all you do is read, eat and sleep or even those one-nighter’s (without kiddies) that are not far away but feel like just as much of an escape – I love them all!

So of late, the feet have been getting itchy and every travel advertisement watched or read sounds like the most amazing opportunity. So, I fear a case of ‘holiday depression’ is not far off (bugger these cool weather colds everyone else seems to be catching, I have got me a big time case of this).

So what to do? I know what you are thinking, first world problem and all that. Well I agree. I am the first to complain there is not enough time in a day and here I am planning on cutting a huge chunk of that time away. But I also have to admit that the huge chunk of time a holiday takes up can empower you for many many months. And I want to be empowered.

So essentially I am looking and looking and hoping. Hoping that just the right opportunity for empowerment falls into my lap and I can cure my case of itchy feet.



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